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Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets | International Metric Series | De Giulio Kitchen Studio

Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets
International Metric Series

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If you’re looking for contemporary kitchen cabinets, look no further than De Giulio Kitchen Studio. We are home to the International Metric Series by Christiana Cabinetry. Blending European design with American proportions, these cabinets make for incredibly unique kitchen designs.

There are a host of customization options available, including finishes, such as:

  • Santé Finish System: The superior paint finishing system that is user-friendly and environmentally safe.
  • Veneers: We encourage you to pick the stain, pattern, wood species, and shape to make this finish truly yours.
  • Laminates: Avoid constant maintenance with this durable, yet aesthetically pleasing, finish.

See these cabinets yourself at our showroom with live displays. For any questions, simply give us a call at (248) 258-6880.

Authentic. Clean. Contemporary. Alongside our timeless, Classical pieces, we have contemporary kitchen cabinet styles through our International Metric Series from Christiana Cabinetry. De Giulio Kitchen Studio is where you go to get your dream kitchen. Whether that dream involves a more traditional design or one with a more contemporary design style, we are the place for you. We offer a wide range of finishes and other customization options to perfectly fit your kitchen.

Christiana Cabinetry: International Metric Series Cabinetry

Designed for a sleek, modern look, Christiana Cabinetry offers the International Metric Series. This series of modern kitchen cabinetry is built to take authentic, sophisticated European design and tailor it to fit American styles. This creates a unique, showstopping design that gives your kitchen a bespoke look, allowing you to truly have your dream kitchen.

Christiana Cabinetry are early adopters of European influence. They have been building the frameless cabinets, popular on that side of the Atlantic, since 1985. They understand American needs, which is why they work within the parameters of American dimensions and proportions. We, here at De Giulio, are proud to be host to such a wonderful designer, who has put in decades of work into perfecting the modern design.


Every piece needs a perfect finish to complement the color and bring about the desired look. In order to give you exactly the look that you’re going for, we offer these finishes:

  • Santé Finish System: This painted finish is environmentally safe and extends the life of your cabinets by allowing substantially more resistant to moisture.
  • Veneers: We use real wood to create an authentic finish, allowing you to pick the stain, pattern, wood species, and shape. We guarantee that our veneers do not go through a process with heavy metals or toxic substances.
  • Laminates: This finish allows you to avoid constant maintenance while still providing a great look.

With a variety of paint finishes to choose from, you can make sure that your cabinets are exactly how you picture them.

Doors and Drawers

Doors take up the bulk of what you see in your cabinets, which means it’s important to make a careful decision about how you want the door designed. We feature a range of options, thanks to Christiana Cabinetry:

  • Recessed/Raised Panel: This is where the middle panel is either slightly depressed or pushed out. We offer a variety of stains and paint colors to make this truly unique.
  • Flat Panel: This is, as the name suggests, where the center panel is flat. This gives a minimalist appearance and shows up often in the more modern designs of the International Metric Series
  • Aluminum-Framed: These unique doors feature specialty glass panels with aluminum framing around it.

For our drawers, we feature the following options:

  • Modern Metal Boxes: This more modern option, which puts a focus on durability and sleek design.
  • Traditional Dove-Tailed Wooden Boxes: Dove-tail drawers provide a more user-friendly experience by featuring a “locking joint” which creates a very strong drawer resistant to force.

For both doors and drawers, you’ll find the soft-closing action featured in our door hinges and drawer glides.

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