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Classic Kitchen Cabinets | De Giulio Kitchen Studio | Birmingham, MI

Classic Kitchen Cabinets
A Christiana Cabinetry Collection

Quick Read

De Giulio Kitchen Studio is proud to offer the Classic Collection from Christiana Cabinetry. We offer traditional cabinet designs completely made to order. To give you full customization, you will:

  1. Come up with ideas for your dream kitchen.
  2. Decide on the exact color and finish for your cabinetry.
  3. Tell us what you decided and we’ll find the perfect match.
  4. Give us approval and we’ll apply the color and finish the work on your cabinets.

Why trust De Giulio with your kitchen design? We:

  • Have been trusted since our start in 1994.
  • Are family-owned and operated.
  • Are a boutique kitchen studio with less than 10 employees.
  • Have a history of giving back to the community.

To see our cabinets, come to see our Birmingham showroom. Give us a call at (248) 258-6880 if you have any questions.

This collection puts an emphasis on timeless without sacrificing luxury quality. While our International Metric Series focuses on sleek, modern European design, this Classic Collection uses a traditional Americanized style of building cabinetry. Here at De Giulio, we are dedicated to giving you a gorgeous kitchen design with a bespoke look through high-quality craftsmanship and complete customization.

De Giulio Kitchen Studios is a boutique kitchen design studio that has been trusted since 1994. We have the experience necessary to handle anything and give you the design you dream of. We are proud to be partners with Christiana Cabinetry. Luxury cabinetry designed by people you can trust. Our founder has worked in the kitchen design industry since the 60’s and is happy to offer that experience to you.

European and American Styles

Our Classic Collection is home to American-style, classic kitchen cabinetry, but what does that mean? American cabinetry is sometimes referred to as “Framed” while European cabinets are called “Frameless”. These styles are named after their places of origin, but both styles have now become popular enough that they are available everywhere.

The style of European cabinets comes from the lack of space that is found in many European kitchens. These cabinets utilize every inch of space possible. This is done by having a thin frame completely covered by the door. This style is extremely popular for those pursuing a minimalist aesthetic.

On the other hand, American-style cabinetry, which our classic kitchen cabinets use, has a visible frame. You’ll be able to see the rails and stile when you open the cabinet. The rails are the wooden boards that go across the top and bottom of the front of the cabinet and the stile is the wooden board going from top to bottom in the middle of the front of the cabinet. This style is easier for builders to make, which in turn makes it less expensive.

Neither of these styles is inherently better than the other. That’s why we offer both. The best style for you is the one that meets your needs. You can experience both in person at our showroom with live displays. You’ll be able to see and feel the cabinets before deciding which is best for you.

Our Four-Step Customizing Process

De Giulio Kitchen Studio offers kitchen cabinets made-to-order. To truly make these cabinet designs yours, we have this four-step customization process:

1. Inspiration: Our goal is to get you the kitchen of your dreams. That means the first step is for you to decide what the kitchen of your dreams is. We suggest looking at nature and famous works of art and architecture to help inspire you.
2. Color and Finish: Once you come up with what your kitchen design should be, you need to make a decision on the exact color and finish that you want. This is a key aspect to the flow of your kitchen.
3. Color-Matching Studio: This is our step. Once you tell us what you’ve decided, we’ll go through a careful process to come up with the perfect match for your desired color. This means considering everything from lights, colors, and shades.
4. Approval: Once we get that perfect match, we’ll look toward your approval. Once you give us the go-ahead, we’ll finish up the work on your cabinet and finish the customization process for your dream kitchen.

These steps are in place to give you your perfect cabinet design. Give yourself the luxury, traditional kitchen that truly speaks to who you are with De Giulio Kitchen Studio expertise. Our decades of experience has led to this precise process to make customization easy for you.

With De Giulio, you’ll be able to customize your cabinets with a truly limitless number of options for your finish. You’ll also be able to choose from over 200 door options. Our goal is to give you full customization, which we are able to do by making everything to order, after walking you through the planning and design process.

Why Choose De Giulio

When designing and building the kitchen of your dreams, you need a kitchen studio that you can trust to handle all of your needs. So, why choose De Giulio over other “kitchen studios near me”?

By going with De Giulio, you get:
● Trusted since 1994 with a founder who’s been in the industry for decades before that.
● Family-owned and operated.
● Boutique studio with less than 10 employees.
● Proud to give back by being a supporter of multiple community organizations.
De Giulio Kitchen Studio has the experience and care that you need to give you peace of mind throughout the entire process. Don’t put your kitchen in the hands of a company that you can’t trust. Go with the kitchen studio that is built to deliver your dream design.

Visit Our Showroom

Fully functional working displays

  • 34222 Woodward Avenue
    Birmingham, MI 48009
    (Next to Papa Joe’s Market)

  • Showroom Hours:

    M-F: 9:30AM-5:00PM
    Sat: 11:00AM-3:00PM
    Other Times: By Appointment

  • (248) 258-6880